Kursk (2018 Film)

Kursk is a 2018 English-language French-Belgian drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg. It features Matthias Schoenaerts, Léa Seydoux, Colin Firth, Peter Simonischek, August Diehl and Max von Sydow in the lead roles.

The film also stars Artemiy Spiridonov, Martin Brambach, Guido De Craene and Geoffrey Newland.

It is based on the A Time to Die by Robert Moore.

Kursk Streaming Voir Film

Kursk Streaming Voir Film

France – French

There are three ways to watch Kursk movie online in French.

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  2. Apple Itunes. Price $ 9.99
  3. TF1 website. Price 17,99 €

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USA – English

The title of this movie in the USA is The Command. And best price to watch it online is provided by FandangoNOW.

Story line

The film is about an explosion on a nuclear-powered Russian submarine kills most of the men aboard and causes the few survivors to huddle in waterlogged and oxygen deficient rear compartments, where they anxiously await rescue. It is a race against time with oxygen levels running low as the Russian government plans the best course of action, before finally accepting help from the British and Norwegian governments.

Kursk Cast

Actor Role
Matthias Schoenaerts lieutenant Mikhail Averin
Léa Seydoux Tanya
Artemiy Spiridonov Misha
Colin Firth Commodore David Russell
Martin Brambach Captain Shirokov
Guido De Craene Calpin
Geoffrey Newland Tony Scott
Danny Van Meenen Paal Dinnissen
Kristof Coenen Sasha
August Diehl Anton Markov
Peter Simonischek Admiral Vyacheslav Grudzinsky
Max von Sydow Admiral Vladimir Petrenko
Michael Nyqvist Nesterov
Bjarne Henriksen Russian Captain
Matthias Schweighöfer Pavel Sonin
Lars Brygmann Kasyanenko


This movie’s IMDB rating is 6.5 out of 10 with more than 8 thousand reviews.

The main plot keywords are dismay, disaster, naval uniform and nuclear submarine.

Main genre of this movie is Drama but also has Action, History and Thriller elements.


Taxi 5, which was produced by Ariel Zeitoun and distributed by EuropaCorp.

The other productions of EuropaCorp are Anna (2019), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), Lucy (2014), Taken (2008), Taxi 5 (2018) and The Transporter (2001).


The film was filmed in Paris with a budget around $39-40 million. This amount is equal to 35.71 million Euro.

The language of this film is English


The film’s total running time is 117 minutes or 1 hour and 57 minutes.


The film was released on 6 September 2018 in Canada on 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

After that, it was released on 7 November 2018 in France and in the USA on June 21, 2019.

Kursk at Box office

Below is its collection in various countries.

Country Release Date Total Gross
France 11/7/18 $774410
Bulgaria 11/30/18 $121351
Croatia 11/22/18 $43927
Czech Republic 1/17/19 $124722
Greece 12/6/18 $155197
Hong Kong 2/21/19 $918766
Hungary 1/17/19 $84673
Lithuania 3/15/19 $90473
Netherlands 12/6/18 $2311851
Poland 12/14/18 $100978
Portugal 3/28/19 $95746
Russia – CIS 6/27/19 $1017980
Slovakia 1/17/19 $21465
Slovenia 12/6/18 $11838
South Korea 1/16/19 $265506
Spain 12/7/18 $240006
Turkey 3/29/19 $19268
United Arab Emirates 4/18/19 $80975
United Kingdom 7/12/19 $8471